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Direct sales is one of a few professions in the US that gives individuals the opportunity to TRULY  "Be who they came to be."

Direct selling allows individuals to align their passions with their profession and design a business and life they love. Flexible entrepreneurship has never been more desired and NEEDED. The 2020 Pandemic shined light on why a flexible and/or additional stream of income is essential for Americans of all ages. The opportunity for direct sales professionals to elevate their success and help others find sustainable happiness and success through the medium have NEVER been more abundant. 

How are you showing up in your business?

Perception is reality and how we view ourselves and our business directly correlates to our level of success. "Be Who You Came to Be" is a simple, yet thought provoking message that gives direct sales professionals the mindset, tools and confidence to take their business to the NEXT LEVEL. 

Direct sales professionals are continually asking these questions:

  • How can I leverage my business to make an impact in my family, career & community?

  • How can I find my purpose through this medium?

  • How can I become the best version of myself?

  • How can I create sustainable success & happiness?

  • How can I share the opportunity without being "pushy"?

  • How can I get out of my comfort zone to get next level in my business?

  • How do I continually create curiosity about my business?

  • What is the secret to success in this industry?


Experience Objectives:

  • Understand why fulfillment is a better gauge and driver of success and purpose than happiness.

  • Discover why balance is both impossible and unnecessary.

  • Eliminate unrealistic expectations created through comparisons.

  • Determine what fuels your purpose, and remove feelings of guilt, envy and inadequacy.

  • Learn how to embrace fear, deconstruct it and take risks to get next level in your business.

  • Learn how to self-assess to self-actualize your full potential and continue to rank advance.

Passionate, fun, energetic, positive, a leader of leaders…that’s Tara Renze. She is the kind of person who lifts you up and inspires you to be your very best self and to live your happiest life. When you are around her, you say to yourself, “I am not sure what it is that she has, but I want some of it!”

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Be Who You Came to Be is a thought-provoking, inspiring, genuine and fresh approach that answers these questions and helps direct sales professionals unlock and unleash their purpose in life. Tara takes a new and refreshing approach to help her audience level up their confidence and be who they came to be in their direct sales business.
Tara combines her 20 years of success in corporate and direct selling along with her role as a wife and mother and offers her audience an experience and a message that is sincere, motivating, relatable and game changing.