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Enhance your skills
Fresh, modern, custom,  and authentic training designed to help enhance Emotional Intelligence (EQ), strengthen  effectiveness, elevate business acumen, and increase results. 

Strong EQ is responsible for 58% of our success at work. Yet, most of us, know little about our own EQ or how to deploy strategies that help us to develop our EQ; let alone drive the results we desire.

Enter Elevated Emotional Intelligence Training. Tara Renze is a certified EQ practitioner with successful sales, leadership and business ownership expertise with proven success.  Each workshop is custom curated and designed to your organization's desired outcomes. 


Deepening your awareness of your EQ and developing specific, personal aspects of your EQ are proven to help you elevate your effectiveness and enhance your overall success.
Emotional Itelligence Tara Renze Author & Speaker
Unlike many assessments that are made up of “right or wrong” answers or that seek to measure skill; EQ assessments require context and a licensed practitioner to provide insights and actions.  With your assessment, you will receive a customized link to take your assessment. 

Once your assessment is complete, you will receive an email from the my team to schedule your personal discovery session (45minutes). In your personal discovery session, you will walk through your results, identify areas for development and skill-building, and design a plan to lean-in to elevating your EQ.
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