Press PLAY

This post is dedicated to every woman I know, including me.

Press PLAY

What are you waiting for? No, really ... what are you waiting for?

I talk to women all the time who have visions of something they want to do with their lives, gifts and talents. They want to open businesses, write books, take classes, start hobbies, book trips, lose 10 pounds, create blogs, run marathons, learn to cook and much more ... the list of visions and aspirations are endless. And, as you can imagine, so are the excuses.

I visited a friend the other day, and she told me she always wanted to write a children’s book. It’s something on her bucket list of things to do — of course — when she “has the time.” While she told me all the reasons she can’t make this happen right now, I was empathetically listening to her, but thinking to myself, “Your kids are really little right now; wouldn’t this be the perfect time to write and publish a children’s book? When you could enjoy it with children?” But I didn’t say anything, primarily because she already decided she “didn’t have the time.” But the truth is — she hasn’t made the time. She hasn’t made the decision to press PLAY .

As women, we wear a lot of different hats. We are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, career women, family event planners, cooks, cleaners, taxi drivers, tutors, travel agents, nurses, school volunteers and the go-to person for everyone and everything in our families. When the day is done, it’s not surprising we don’t have anything left in the tank, not even for the loves of our lives. I’ve told my husband at 9 p.m. when he’s looking for a little extra attention that “the concierge desk is closed.”

I get it. I wear all the same hats. By nature, we nurture.

We press pause on our dreams to help the ones we love live their dreams. Don’t forget there is one person that needs your attention more than anyone else, and that person is YOU. Ladies, the time is NEVER going to be perfect to press PLAY.

Stop pressing pause. It’s time to press PLAY ... Press PLAY on your dreams. Press PLAY on your goals. If it’s important to you — you will find the time. You are the ONLY person who can press PLAY.

When you decide to press PLAY, something magical happens. It breathes energy, happiness, love and fulfillment into all the other facets of your life. Stop waiting. Stop making excuses. Stop saying “someday.” Just do it.

Press PLAY.

P.S. You’re worth it.

Tara Renze