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Put On the Skates

Fall down. Get up. Fall down. Get up. Fall down. Get up.

We recently took our boys ice skating for the first time ... and this was pretty much how the entire evening went. They fell down ... and then they got back up. It wasn’t a super-cold night, so with each fall, their pants and gloves got wetter and wetter. The cold air, wet clothes and lack of skill didn’t faze them. With every fall, they rose again. They laughed and smiled with each wipeout and pulled themselves up with fierce determination to make it around the rink.

By the end of the night, their cheeks were cold, their butts were sore and their pants were drenched, but their resolve to skate was on fire. While we sipped our hot chocolate later that night, they gushed about how much fun they had at the rink.

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