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Authentic leadership is the key to driving results, making a measurable impact and creating camaraderie. Authentic leaders are self-actualized individuals who are aware of their strengths, their limitations, and their emotions. They also display their real selves to their followers. Communities rally around authentic leaders who are confident in their vision and purpose. But how do leaders empower their teams to grow, change and evolve within an organization?  


After spending 2 decades in corporate leadership and leadership in the direct sales industry, Tara Renze developed this workshop to share 10 game-changing leadership secrets she learned along the way. This dynamic workshop is zero fluff, all facts. The 10 Leadership Secrets are enhanced with stories and solutions to take your leaders and their teams to the next level.

This workshop includes 3 breakout sessions to give the audience time for self-discovery, collaboration and to develop specific actions to deploy after the conference.  

Sneak peek!! A few of the secrets….

“Always assume a misunderstanding.”

“Never complain down.”

“Use a clear mirror to self-assess.”

“Tame your saboteurs.”

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