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Embracing Change as the Catalyst for Growth & Self-Actualization

From the surreal experience of feeling like Eminem at a retirement community to the

profound realization of being destined to share my message with a diverse audience, a

span of six years encapsulated a journey of transformation. This period was marked by

intense personal growth, invaluable feedback, numerous trials and tribulations, along

with moments of failure and success. It was a time of significant CHANGE, which,

rather than signaling something was amiss, indicated a process of leveling up and

evolving into the person I was meant to be. This journey wasn't just about change; it

was about growth and confidently stepping into the role I came to fulfill.

In this week's edition of Tuesday Tips, we explore the empowering journey of self-

actualization and how embracing change signifies growth and development, not a sign

of inadequacy or failure.

Change: The Pathway to Growth

Change is often perceived as daunting, perhaps a signal that something is amiss.

However, in the realm of emotional intelligence, change is not only inevitable but also a

vital aspect of self-actualization. It's about leveling up, expanding our horizons, and

stepping into the fuller version of ourselves. In a LinkedIn post I shared, I reflect on how

my varied experiences with different audiences have underscored this truth.

Broadening Horizons

My journey, from unexpected stages to diverse industries, illustrates the expansive

nature of growth. It has taught me that the message of "be who you came to be" is not

confined to a single group but is universal, resonating with all who are on the path of

self-discovery and growth. This realization came after a keynote I delivered when I had

first started speaking. It was a to a room of government workers….and I’m not going to

lie. I felt like Eminem performing at a retirement community. The drive home after that

event was a six-hour journey of silence, a time for deep reflection on my "be who you

came to be" message. During that introspective drive, I convinced myself that my

message was meant just for working women.

Fast forward six years, and while the world has undergone drastic changes, my core

message has remained steadfast: “Be who you came to be.” I’ve realized that this

message is NOT just for women. It’s been embraced by men and women of all ages, life

paths and diverse audiences. Perhaps the world wasn’t ready for this message, or

maybe I wasn’t ready for the world. Either way, I am now incredibly humbled and

honored to share this message with a broader audience.

The CHANGE was simply part of my story of being who I came to be.

Transformative Insights

The world's shifting dynamics, especially post-pandemic, have brought significant

changes, influencing how we view and approach life and work. These transformations

are not setbacks but opportunities to evolve and embrace our true potential. I invite you

to read more about these insights and share your experiences on how you've navigated

change and what it has meant for your journey of self-actualization.

Embracing the Evolution

Let's reframe our perspective on change. It's not about correcting a wrong but about

advancing to new levels of understanding, capability, and fulfillment. As we face

changes, let's recognize them as steppingstones in our journey to become who we

came to be.

I look forward to connecting with you through my LinkedIn post and hearing how change

has been a catalyst for your growth and self-actualization.

Keep growing, acknowledge and embrace change, keep shining your light and be who

you came to be.


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