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Let Your Dreams Take Flight

Have you ever held a childhood dream close to your heart, tucked away as life took you on different paths? I have. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in a small town in Kansas, I dreamed of being on a game show. It seemed as distant a dream as the stars in the sky.

This week, I want to share a story about chasing an audacious, what I call a "butterfly goal" – one that transforms you and requires your full commitment, just like a caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly. Mine was to appear on a national TV game show. It took courage, resilience, and yes, a lot of emotional intelligence.

The Journey of Emotional Highs and Lows

When I finally made it onto ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid Game Show, it wasn’t all smiles and victory dances. There were high stakes, intense emotions, and an incredibly embarrassing moment that would test my composure and emotional intelligence on national TV. Yet, it was these very experiences that highlighted the critical role emotional intelligence plays not just in achieving our dreams, but in navigating the failures and setbacks that inevitably come our way.

Emotional Intelligence in Action

  • Self-awareness and self-regulation: Recognizing your emotions and their impact is crucial. During my game show appearance, understanding my anxiety and excitement allowed me to manage them better, maintaining my focus under pressure.

  • Resilience: Facing setbacks with a positive attitude and viewing them as growth opportunities is vital. When I faced what seemed like a major failure on the show, I chose not to let it define my experience. Instead, it fueled my comeback.

  • Empathy and social skills: Understanding and reacting appropriately to the emotions of others can turn situations in your favor, creating mutual respect and support, even in competitive environments.

Let Your Dreams Take Flight

If a "small-town Tara from Kansas" can realize her butterfly goal, so can you. I encourage you to dream really big. Don’t let obstacles, failures, or rejections hold you back. It's time to go all in on YOU and your dreams.

Watch and Learn

Click here to watch the video clip of my game show journey. See for yourself how emotional intelligence can turn epic failures into huge successes, and how you, too, can turn your setbacks into comebacks.

Dream big. Never play small. 


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