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Be Who You Came To Be

Be Who You Came To Be


*When you buy directly from my site, you get the LUX edition: hardcover and gold foil!*


Be who you came to be.


You might need to read that sentence again—it is a simple yet thought-provoking piece of wise counsel: be who you came to be. Inherent within it is the notion we were all born predestined to do something extraordinary with our lives.


You are perfectly flawed and 100% authentic. You don’t need a self-help book to guide you to someone or something that isn’t genuine—you need these secrets to unlock the most authentic version of you. You didn’t come to be more like someone else; you came to be you.


But how?


How do you unlock the most extraordinary, authentic, successful, confident, empathetic, loving, and happiest version of you? How do you create it, own it, and live it?


Be Who You Came To Be is far from an ordinary, fluffy, step-by-step “self-help” book. Tara Renze dishes up 39 simple, relatable, entertaining, curious, and real-life “secrets” to unlocking and unleashing the woman you came to be. It is rooted in the thoughtful words of her 87-year old grandmother: “Be who you came to be. Love will guide you.” First written as a blessing to Tara’s newborn son, these are the words that changed Tara’s life and shaped the secrets that will change your life too.


After pondering the note for over a decade, delivering keynotes across the country, and talking with women of all ages about who they are and who they came to be, Tara penned this book to help women step into their authenticity and create, own and live the life they deserve and desire. She vulnerably shares stories and thoughts on marriage, motherhood, career, friendship, and grief, helping women to navigate change and discover their true identity. The stories, quotes, and relatable secrets will keep you engaged and curious to discover what the next secret entails.


Whether you immerse yourself in a thorough reading in just a few days or connect with the secrets for a few minutes a day, the secrets, stories, and inspirational challenge will motivate you to embrace your future you. You will pick it up often to rediscover an inspiring quote, receive the encouraging words you need for the day, and be reminded of how extraordinary you are.


This may be the best gift you can give yourself and your best friend—a book that helps you get closer to the perfectly imperfect woman you were born to be. Be who you came to be. Love will guide you.


Secret #40: This little book doubles as a gorgeous coffee table book.


Create It. Own It. Live It.



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