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Combo: Book & Journal
  • Combo: Book & Journal

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    When you buy directly from my site, you get the LUX edition: hardcover and gold foil!


    Be Who You Came to Be.

    Create It. Own It. Live It.

    It was over a decade ago that my Grandmother Dot left a note for my son to “Be who you came
    to be. Love will guide you.” This simple, yet profound, piece of advice changed my life, and I
    believe it will change your life too.

    Be who you came to be.

    Think about that for a minute. What if someone would have told you that when you graduated
    high school? Maybe when you got married or had your first child? What about when you started
    a new job or decided to make a big change in your life. What if your life’s mission was to simply
    “Be who you came to be.”

    In my book I share secrets, life lessons, truths and stories to help you create, own and live the
    life you desire and deserve. This book is your guiding light to embrace your talents, gifts and
    authenticities and go all in on YOU. You didn’t come to be more like someone else, you came to
    be YOU.

    This book is dedicated to YOU and the woman you came to be.
    My Grandmother left this note for my son, Ben. In my heart of hearts, I believe she left it for me
    to share with you. My wish is that this book brings you closer to the woman you were
    predestined to be.

    You are perfectly flawed. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are enough.
    Shine your authentic light and be who you came to be. Love will guide you.


    Be who you came to be – love will guide you.




    A little book for your notes, ah-has, daydreams and butterfly goals. 5" x 7" Journal has a black matte cover with gold foil. Blank journal with 200 lined pages.


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