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Often in our career and life we feel “stuck”.

Stuck in a job. Stuck in a relationship. Stuck in fear. Stuck in complacency. Stuck in uncertainty. There is a gap between where we are and what we truly want. It’s not easy to speak up, show up and level up, so we find ourselves playing small, settling for less than what we want and what we deserve. And often we find our self-limiting beliefs causing us to play small. 
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In “Unstuck”, Tara uncovers the 6 key emotional intelligence traits and characteristics that allow you to listen up, speak up, show up and get what you want.

Based on the Bar-On EQ-i model by Reuven Bar-On Tara takes a deep dive into these 6 contrary characteristics that professionals need to deploy to unlock higher levels of success and fulfillment in life. Elevated EQ allows leaders to bridge generation gaps, increase revenue/productivity and creates a culture for diverse and independent workers and cohesive teams to thrive.

Experience Objectives:

  • Ignite your confidence and authenticity to listen up, speak up and show up. 

  • Deploy simple tactics to be independent and adaptive to fuel your leadership and drive outcomes. 

  • Discover your unconscious symptoms of being stuck and strategies to get and stay unstuck.

  • Develop a system for setting optimistic and realistic goals and expectations for your life.

  • Learn how to ignite the perfect balance of empathy and assertiveness to navigate change, conflict and difficult situations. 

  • Gain clarity on the 6 contrary-complimentary attributes and skills needed to level up your success and fulfillment.

  • Understand your self-limiting attitudes, behaviors and beliefs to cause and keep you stuck in areas of your life.

UNSTUCK Testimonials
from Energetic Women Conference


"I have attended EQ sessions in the past, but this one felt very in tune and relevant to what I am experiencing both personally and professionally. I enjoyed Tara's perspective on how as women our EQ tools can often come across too assertive or too emotional as women and how we can mitigate some of these situations and perceptions in the workplace."


"I really liked Tara! I like how she related examples and situations back to movies, actors and situations; that kept it entertaining! I like the ending note about doing nothing at all vs. small consistent effort."


"Tara made EQ relatable and fun - awesome job! A wonderful speaker with fantastic confidence and poise. I found the subject matter to be helpful and will be using the worksheet to identify action items that I can start today to make positive strides in my career and personal life going forward."


"This breakout was so relatable to me. I loved her energy and how she was so transparent."


"Tara was soooooo engaging, even with all of us being remote. She presented the information so clearly and energetically that I was hooked from the first minute."


"This was one of the most beneficial sessions for me."


“Unstuck” can be customized for workshops and teams. Tara offers individual and group EQ-i assessments that can be combined half-full day workshops. During these workshops Tara takes the audience through a deeper dive into emotional intelligence, team building activities and individual assessments to create lasting and sustainable organizational change. 

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