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Get Mentally Fit

Emotional & Positive Intelligence and The Leader You Came to Be

In this keynote, you will learn to:

Elevate emotional intelligence in your teams, unlock your positive intelligence, strengthen your mind, eliminate self-doubt, and conquer your saboteurs so you can create, own and live the life you deserve and desire – at work and in the home.

Available as a keynote or a workshop

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  • Understand the role emotional intelligence plays in self-perception, employee retention, leadership development and overall employee satisfaction  

  • Understand your personal PQ score, saboteurs and how to elevate your mindset.  

  • Understand fulfillment vs. happiness; why fulfillment is a better gauge and driver of success and purpose within your organization 

  • Eliminate unrealistic employee expectations created through comparisons; elevate employee authenticity to raise overall job satisfaction 

  • Learn how to embrace fear, deconstruct it, and take risks to be who you came to be, both personally and professionally  

  • Employ a system that allows employees to self-assess to self-actualize  

  • Create a quarterly review platform that encourages employees to identify their strengths and opportunities to create a personal development bucket list  

  • Understanding the role emotional intelligence plays in self-perception, employee retention, leadership development and overall employee satisfaction  

Living our purpose, balancing career and home, and living happy are three priorities among the workforce. In response to these situations, professionals ask themselves many questions:  

  • How do I make an impact and grow within the organization? 

  • How do I navigate change or stress?  

  • How can I be successful at work and at home?  

  • How do I become the best version of myself?  

  • How do I get mentally fit to stop sabotaging myself?

  • How do I create sustainable happiness?  

Positive Intelligence represents a breakthrough in your ability to raise Emotional Intelligence (EQ) across your organization. The main challenges until now have been the existence of too many EQ competencies (18) and that initial improvements quickly fade over time.

Positive Intelligence dramatically simplifies this challenge due to factor analysis research that identified the root-level building blocks of EQ. The results of this research have been validated by over 500,000 participants in 50 countries. 

Increasing your mental and emotional fitness leads to less stress and more satisfaction. “Mental Fitness” is defined as your ability to understand that you are not your thoughts and that you can achieve a consistent and positive frame of mind. Strengthening your Positive Intelligence (PQ) will allow you to become the authentic leader you came to be.  

Be who YOU came to be. Authentic leadership is the key to driving results, making a measurable impact and creating camaraderie. Authentic leaders are self-actualized individuals who are aware of their strengths, their limitations, and their emotions. They also display their real selves to their followers. Communities rally around authentic leaders who are confident in their vision and purpose. But how do leaders empower their teams to grow, change and evolve within an organization?


Enter Positive Intelligence, the mastery skill of honoring, celebrating, and elevating who you came to be.  

Finding balance between career, family and community continues to be a struggle for the workforce. The COVID-19 crisis has illuminated the struggles to prioritize family and career.

Meet Tara Renze

A Trailblazing Leader and Top Achiever in Sales

Tara Renze is celebrated for her inspirational leadership and exceptional achievements in the world of sales. At, she earned recognition as a top national sales leader, skillfully building and leading two multi-million-dollar sales teams while providing invaluable leadership consulting to sales teams across the nation.


Tara shares her insights and experiences at local and national conferences and seminars, inspiring salespeople with her powerful message and proven strategies.


Tara holds an emotional intelligence certification through OKA-Online and graduated from the University of Kansas. She has also studied leadership at prestigious institutions such as the Wharton School of Business, The University of Chicago, and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Book Tara Renze for Tara Renze on this transformative journey to unleash your sales potential and embrace a life of success and fulfillment.

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