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5 Reasons to book Tara...



Relatable & Genuine

Tara’s authentic voice is honest, real and down to earth. Women of all ages relate to her stories and message.


Real Life Knowledge & Professional Insight

Tara’s background of executive leadership in corporate America and entrepreneurship in social selling, along with her roles as a wife & mother. provide her audience with proven game changing ideas and insights.


Customized For You.

No two keynotes or workshops are the same. Tara spends time with your leadership team to customize a session and message for YOUR audience.


Emotional & Positive Intelligence Expert

Tara is a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. Her understanding of EQ, PQ, strong interpersonal skills, relatability, and entertaining experiences provide unmatched personal and professional development.
Tara Renze Speaker and Author
Tara Renze is a highly sought after keynote speaker, author & positive lifestyle influencer.  Her workshops and keynotes are geared exclusively to your audience's needs. Book Tara today!



Audiences don’t forget the transformational message “be who you came to be.” Tara’s lessons, stories, advice and ideas are entertaining, thought provoking and life-changing. 

"Be who you came to be." A message you'll NEVER forget!
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