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Be Who You Came To BeTM

Embrace Your Authenticity

Ignite Your Passion

Unlock Your Potential

Discover The Emotional Intelligence Secrets to…

Elevate your self-awareness to create, own and live the life you desire and deserve. We all have dreams of living our best life, yet self-imposed limitations, fear, and lack of self-confidence often prevent us from achieving our goals.

CREATE IT: Focus on what is fulfilling in your life. Not what's "easy" or makes you "happy" all the time.
OWN IT: Eliminate comparison by honoring your authenticity and giving others the space to do the same.
LIVE IT: Learn how to self-assess to self-actualize your full potential and achieve transformational goals.

Tara Renze inspires individuals and organizations with the secrets of emotional intelligence to eliminate self-doubt, gain laser-focused clarity, and take purposeful action towards a fulfilling life.

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Tara Renze Author  & Leadership & Direct Sales Speaker

"Tara was Phenomenal!"


The connection she had with the group was nothing I have seen in a long time.  Tara knew AFLAC and I could tell she had done her homework.  


I loved every minute and look forward to her speaking at more of our events/or meetings in the future.

Connie Love,  Lead Event Planner

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How can Tara Help Your Team?

Through Tara’s inspiring "Be Who You Came To Be" keynotes, workshops, and online courses, individuals and organizations can gain the clarity, focus, and confidence to take purposeful action to create and own the life they deserve and desire.

Tara Renze Author  & Leadership & Direct Sales Speaker

Women's Events

Empower women with the clarity, focus, tools and confidence to extinguish their self- limiting beliefs and create, own and live the life they deserve and desire.

Direct Sales

Break free from self-limiting beliefs, pursue your passions, unlock your true potential, and embrace a life of fulfillment and success.


The perfect mix of inspiration and motivation with actionable emotional intelligence take-aways and memorable calls to action.

Custom EQ Training

Custom Emotional Intelligence training programs designed to elevate the potential within your organization.


Build high-performance sales teams, unlock their selling potential, and create lasting relationships that build a culture of success.

Meet Tara

Over 15 years ago my 87 year old grandmother left a life-changing letter for my infant son.....six of the words she wrote changed my life:


"be who you came to be. love will guide you."


"Be who you came to be."

Think about that for a moment.

It's a message of self-awareness, curiosity, self-regard, authenticity and the willingness to grow, change and evolve.


It's the idea that you were born predestined to do something extraordinary with your life. The notion you will never reach some pinnacle point of success in your life and coast to the end. There is ALWAYS a chance for an up-level.

"Love will guide you." LOVE - it's at the heart of everything good we do and inspire others to do. Love fuels our interpersonal relationships, creativity, talents, passions and purpose.

My grandmother wrote this note for my son, but I believe she knew this message would resonate with me and I would share it with you. I've spent the last 15 years studying emotional intelligence and researching what it takes to truly live a fulfilled life, go all in on your dreams, continue to level-up your success and be who you came to be.

"Be who you came to be"


.....these 6 words have changed my life and 1,000's of others.

Are you ready for it to change yours?

Tara Renze Author  & Leadership & Direct Sales Speaker
Tara Renze Author  & Leadership & Direct Sales Speaker

"Amazing book...

. . . This is a book I can read over and over"

- Misty

Unleash the most extraordinary, authentic, successful, confident, empathetic, loving, and happiest version of you!


Create, own, and live the life you deserve and desire!

Are you ready to go all in with Tara?

Unlock your team's true potential and give your leaders the strategies they need to lead with authenticity.

Tara Renze Author  & Leadership & Direct Sales Speaker
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