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Be Who You Came to Be.

  • own your authenticity

  • lean into fear

  • never play small again


Elevate your emotional intelligence to create, own, and live the life you deserve and desire.

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Be Who You Came To Be:

The Catalyst To:

Authenticity  |  Acceptance  |  Empowerment  |  Innovation  |  Collaboration  |  Confidence  | Genuine Happiness  |  Higher Levels of Success

Hi, I'm Tara

Here's a secret:
You're never going to arrive.

You're never going to hit some pinnacle point in your life and coast until the end. There is always a chance for you to LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE.

Are you ready to go ALL IN on YOU? 
I've got the secrets that will give you the confidence to create, own and live the life you desire and deserve.

No more playing small. Let's GO!

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The results of just 90 minutes with Tara are clear as our employees are collaborating and innovating in ways we’ve never seen before. The energy Tara brought with her is palpable even months later!

-Kara Cowie

 VP of Corporate Communication

"I've taken many development workshops and learned more from this one than any other workshop combined."

Kathy Matthynssens



“I am not sure what it is that she has, but I want some of it!” 

Michael Lohner

Chair of the Board, Stella Dot Family of Brands

We hired Tara as the featured speaker at our leadership conference in 2020 and went on to have a record breaking year. This further amplifies and supports her message.

Clint McKinley

CEO Ruby Ribbon

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“Be who you came to be. Love will guide you.”

The note that changed Tara’s life and will change yours too. This is the simple yet profound advice Tara’s Grandmother left her great grandson over a decade ago. 

In “Be Who You Came to Be” Tara shares secrets, truths, life lessons and stories to help you create, own and live the life you desire and deserve. Level-up your success, create genuine happiness, own your perfectly flawed self and never play small again.


Be who you came to be. 

I love books that are real & inspire you to believe in who you are!! This book is exactly that! It’s thought provoking, inspirational, and when you’re ever experiencing self-doubt THIS is the book to pick up and read. One of my favs and something I’ll read daily.


Book Reviews

This book unpacks the idea of being true to yourself into short chapters that can be easily picked up and read as a whole, or used as a daily devotional. If you're feeling stuck, or just need a little inspiration to keep moving forward, I highly recommend this book.

Kathy J.

"Be Who You Came to Be" is extremely real and inspiring! It is so important for women to be authentic and live their life and Tara really breaks it down in an easy but thoughtful and helpful book to living your best life!

Lala N.

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