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Be Who You Came To BeTM

Embrace Authenticity

Ignite Tenacity

Elevate Achievement

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Be Who You Came To Be

Embrace authenticity
Ignite tenacity
Elevate achievement

Tara Renze empowers individuals and organizations with the secrets of emotional intelligence, enabling them to eliminate self-doubt, gain laser-focused clarity, and take purposeful action towards extraordinary success.

Transform Your World
Welcome to a realm of personal and organizational transformation. Tara’s acclaimed mantra, “Be who you came to be,” revolutionizes how corporations, companies, associations, teams, and individuals achieve empowerment and excellence. Discover how you can elevate your performance, ignite your potential, honor your authenticity, enhance your leadership, and achieve remarkable results.

In a world where mediocrity and conformity often overshadow individuality, both individuals and organizations struggle with a lack of authenticity, trust, and self-worth. This leads to diminished innovation, motivation, and achievement. 

"Be Who You Came To Be" confronts these challenges head-on.
It inspires individuals to embrace their unique strengths and values, and encourages organizations to cultivate a culture of trust and authenticity. 

Discover the power of emotional intelligence through Tara's innovative approach.

Tara’s keynotes and workshops are designed to:


Embrace Authenticity: Cultivate a genuine culture where every voice is valued.

Ignite Passion & Tenacity: Unleash your true potential for relentless progress.

Unlock Potential & Achievement: Transform ambition into meaningful success.

Women's Events

Empower women with the clarity, focus, tools and confidence to extinguish their self- limiting beliefs and create, own and live the life they deserve and desire.

Direct Sales

Break free from self-limiting beliefs, pursue your passions, unlock your true potential, and embrace a life of fulfillment and success.

Motivational & Inspirational

The perfect mix of inspiration and motivation with actionable emotional intelligence take-aways and memorable calls to action.


Inspire healthcare professionals to embrace their calling, harnessing their passion and tenacity to create, own, and live the life they deserve and desire.

Sales Leadership

Build high-performance sales teams, unlock their selling potential, and create lasting relationships that build a culture of success.

Meet Tara

Tara Renze, a distinguished keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, author and emotional intelligence practitioner, specializes in catalyzing change within individuals and organizations. With a rich background in corporate leadership, social selling and emotional intelligence, her insights are grounded in practical knowledge and real-world experience. Tara's credentials, include leading top performing sales national teams, building multi-million dollar social selling businesses, authoring books and certifications in emotional and positive intelligence, position her as a leading voice in personal and professional development and team empowerment.

Tara holds an emotional intelligence certification through OKA and graduated from the University of Kansas. She has also studied leadership at prestigious institutions such as the Wharton School of Business, The University of Chicago, and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Tara Renze Author  & Leadership & Direct Sales Speaker

"Standing Ovation"

"Tara was a huge hit!!! We’ve heard many times from our attendees that she’s the best speaker we’ve ever had!  She did a fantastic job of making an emotional connection with our attendees."

Curtis Call, Chief Sales Officer, Xyngular

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Do you aspire to cultivate a culture of authenticity, passion and purpose within your organization or team?
Are you being who you came to be?

Tara’s message isn’t just about achieving targets; it’s about unlocking the collective potential of your people, fostering a dynamic environment where authenticity, innovation and motivation thrive.  

Embrace Your Authenticity, Be Part of The Movement

In a world that often demands conformity, there's an extraordinary power in being
unapologetically you. This is your invitation to step into the spotlight of your own story
and be who you came to be.

Tara Renze Author  & Leadership & Direct Sales Speaker

"Amazing book...

. . . This is a book I can read over and over"

- Misty

Unleash the most extraordinary, authentic, successful, confident, empathetic, loving, and happiest version of you!


Create, own, and live the life you deserve and desire!

Tara Renze Author  & Leadership & Direct Sales Speaker

Are you ready to go all in with Tara?

Unlock your team's true potential and give your leaders the strategies they need to lead with authenticity.

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