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The Big Ask: California Edition

Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach, CA

A women's day retreat focused on empowering & supporting women in their pursuit of career advancement, personal fulfillment, and wealth.

Create, own & live a life you desire & deserve.
Enhance skills to stay competitive in your respective field.
Build a wealth plan for a WELLthy life.
Network authentically and build relationships.


Event Experience Includes:

Interactive, life, and career-changing keynotes and workshops

(see below for full descriptions)

  • Throughout the day, we will give you the clarity, motivation, and inspiration you need to show up confidently as an authentic you.  You'll learn to create the life you deserve, gain skills to stay ahead in your career, build wealth, and form authentic connections. Secure your spot today! Event includes a book, workbooks, a journal, swag and other surprises.

The Big Ask Girl Talk Panel:

  • Unapologetically authentic, real and vulnerable conversations with business women just like you. During this hour, you will hear from 5 uber-successful women who will share honest, unfiltered conversations and insights into what has worked, what has failed, and how they gained the clarity and success they needed to never play small. This is the ultimate girl talk. The one you don’t want to miss. Be prepared to be inspired, moved, laugh your ass off, ready to let your hair down, rise boldly, and be who you came to be.

Coffee, Lunch & Champagne Celebration:

  • We think you get the point. It’s all about the connection. We can’t wait to interact and celebrate YOU!

Happy Hour & Private Shopping Experience:

  • Stay after hours and enjoy networking, sipping, and shopping with your new connections and friends. (the bar is un-hosted).

Be Who You Came to Be Workshop

Conquer your saboteurs | strengthen your mind | unlock higher levels of success | create genuine happiness | own your authenticity | embrace fear & take risks | create, own and live the life you deserve and desire


Finding our purpose, balancing career and home and living a truly fulfilled life are three priorities for working women. In response to these situations, we ask ourselves many questions, including: 

  • How do I make an impact? 

  • How do I find my purpose?  

  • How do I create sustainable happiness? 

  • How can I be successful at work and at home? 

  • How can I eliminate comparisons and embrace my authenticity?

  • How do I become the best version of myself? 

  • How do I move through fear, take calculated risks and go all in on my life and career?

Be Who You Came to Be is a thought-provoking, inspiring, genuine and fresh approach that answers these questions and helps women unlock and unleash their purposes in life.  Tara takes a new and refreshing approach to help her audience find purpose and be who they came to be. Through personal experience, stories and research she walks her audience through a three-step process to "be who they came to be". She combines her 20 years of success in corporate and social selling along with her role as a wife and mother so she can offer her audience an experience and a message that are sincere, motivating, relatable and game changing.   


Experience Objectives:  Understand and elevate your emotional and positive intelligence so you can create, own and live the life you deserve and desire.



  • Understand fulfillment vs. happiness; why fulfillment is a better gauge and driver of success and purpose  

  • Discover how emotional intelligence plays a role in how you “show-up” at work and in the home.  

  • Give yourself permission to change and evolve   



  • Eliminate unrealistic expectations created through comparisons  

  • Extinguish self-limiting beliefs and internal narratives that are holding you back  

  • Determine what fuels your purpose, and remove feelings of guilt, envy and inadequacy  



  • Understand how to self-assess to see your full-potential and go all in on you  

  • Gain clarity about your strengths and opportunities to create a personal development bucket list  

  • Learn how to embrace fear, deconstruct it and take risks to be who you came to be 


**This 120-minute workshop includes:

  • Three breakout sessions that include time for personal discovery, creating actionable takeaways to implement, team building and group sharing.

  • A FREE Positive Intelligence assessment is available for all attendees to take prior to the workshop (this is highly recommended).

  • Gift for ALL attendees!!! “Be Who You Came to Be” hardback book and gold-foil journal for notes, action items, ah-has, takeaways, goals and more.

It’s not personal, It’s Personality: Navigating Relationships with Ease.

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships” Tony Robbins

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to creating fulfilling and harmonious relationships in every aspect of your life?

Do you want to discover the keys to strengthening and repairing the relationships that matter most to you?

Would you like to gain valuable insights on how to handle difficult people in your personal, work, or family relationships, especially when you can't avoid them?

Are you curious about the power of personality science and how it can transform your relationship dynamics for the better?

This workshop is all about relationships and the different personality types that you’re going to interact with in your everyday life. We’re going to help you master them with grace and ease to increase your influence, impact and income..


Whether it’s friendships, key relationships at work, or at home, dating, parenting or even your marriage, the truth is, you are in relationships with people every single day.  We’re going to show you how to maximize those relationships and how to be a really amazing communicator.

You’ll walk away understanding why people buy into you;  Your ideas, products, services, purpose and mission.  When you can master the art and science of influence, you’ll experience transformational changes in your ability to connect, communicate and maximize your income. 

Katheen & Cheri.jpg

Difficult people pop up everywhere, whether they’re in your personal relationships, your work relationships, or possibly your family. How do you deal with those  relationships? Especially when they’re important and ones that you can’t actually avoid right? 


There’s a way to improve those relationship dynamics using personality science and we’re going to teach you exactly how to crack the code and transform your relationships. Cheri Tree, Founder and Creator of  B.A.N.K ™, a simple personality profiling system, and Certified B.A.N.K ™ Trainer, Kathleen Vicenzotti, will give you solutions to really work on it. 


We’ll introduce you to the B.A.N.K ™ methodology, share personality traits for each of the 4 personality types, explore why opposites attract and attack, share communication tips and strategies to navigate all relationships with ease to maximize your influence, impact and income.

Own Your Worth. Grow Your Life

087DawnDahlbyBookReleaseFullyAlivePhotography2023WEB (2).jpg

Dawn Dahlby is a Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Wellness Expert who teaches people how to LIVE WELLthy™.


It’s not about just having money in the bank. It’s about living a “WELLthy life,” where each person creates their own unique balance between earning and spending, saving, and giving, work and play. A wealth-building plan for a WELLthy life supports a meaning-filled lifestyle aligned with a person’s purpose, happiness, and self-worth.

Money and emotions are not a good combination but you CAN master your thinking by challenging your beliefs, managing your emotions through self-awareness, and aligning all aspects of your life.


Dawn will help you gain clarity for what you want out of life and provide tools so you can learn to earn the money to make it happen. She’ll empower you to stop worrying about spending today, in your efforts to save for tomorrow (goodbye fear and scarcity). She’ll lead you to find financial peace and happiness! This is not your average keynote!

Photo Jun 22, 10 11 52 AM.jpg

About The Speakers


Tara Renze

Author, Speaker, EQ Expert

Screen Shot 2024-02-01 at 7.41.52 PM.png

Dawn Dahlby

Wealth Wellness Expert, CFP®, BFA™, and CRPC®

kathleen-lbl_0027xX web.jpg

Kathleen Vicenzotti

Speaker, Trainer, Sales Expert

Cheri Tree A.jpg

Cheri Tree

CEO, Author, Personality Expert


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Old Ranch Country Club

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