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Unlocking Emotional Intelligence for Resilience in Healthcare

The Emotional Intelligence secrets to “be who you came to be” in healthcare.

This talk is designed to inspire healthcare professionals to embrace their calling, harnessing their passion and tenacity to create, own, and live the life they deserve and desire. Healthcare professionals will discover how to tap into their emotional intelligence, using it as a powerful tool to strengthen their resilience, foster personal growth and achieve exceptional success in their chosen field.

Now more than ever, healthcare professionals must harness their authentic potential and cultivate trust within themselves to engage in their roles with deeper emotional insight.

This presentation explores the pivotal role of emotional intelligence in healthcare, offering a unique blend of breakthrough insights and practical experiences. Discover the secrets to leveraging emotional intelligence for your personal growth and professional excellence, transforming your approach to healthcare and achieving extraordinary results in your career journey.


"Tara’s presentation was FANTASTIC!”



“Tara’s message gave me the perspective and tenacity I needed to squash my self-limiting beliefs and go all in on my calling in healthcare. This is who I came to be.”

Founder of KVK Aesthetics and Wellness, Board Certified PA.

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This session is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities in healthcare, guiding you to:

  • Redefine Fulfillment: Understand the unique blend of purpose and satisfaction in healthcare, transcending traditional definitions of happiness.

  • Combat Professional Burnout/Strengthen Resilience: Learn strategies to reignite your passion for healthcare and maintain resilience in a high-stress environment.

  • Navigate Change with Confidence: Embrace the constant evolution in healthcare with agility and optimism.

  • Foster Authenticity: Break free from the cycle of comparison and embrace your unique contributions to the healthcare field.

  • From Self-Assessment to Self-Actualization: Employ reflective practices to unlock your full potential in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

  • Embrace Risk with Courage: Cultivate the bravery to innovate and lead in healthcare, transforming challenges into opportunities.

  • Set and Surpass Professional Milestones: Elevate your career goals with a clear vision and actionable steps.

  • Maximize Your Impact: Learn to leverage your skills and knowledge for greater influence and effectiveness in your role.

  • Elevate Your Professional Journey: Achieve a harmonious balance between career aspirations and personal well-being for sustained success.

Healthcare professionals constantly grapple with the balance of personal development and professional demands. This keynote addresses critical questions such as:

  • How can I make a lasting impact in healthcare?

  • What drives my passion for healthcare, and how can I sustain it?

  • How can I achieve a fulfilling career and a balanced personal life in such a demanding industry?

  • How can I cultivate a mindset of growth and innovation in healthcare?

  • How do I navigate the complexities of healthcare with authenticity and confidence?

  • How do I stay resilient and continue to show up as the best version of me when on the verge of burnout?

"Be Who You Came to Be" offers a transformative, heartfelt, and practical approach to personal growth within the healthcare industry. Tara, leveraging her extensive experience in leadership and personal development, combined with insights from healthcare professionals, presents a three-step journey to self-discovery and empowerment. This keynote is not just a presentation; it's a catalyst for profound personal and professional transformation for those dedicated to the noble field of healthcare.

Create It: 

  • Understand the deeper meaning of fulfillment in healthcare and why it's crucial for lasting impact.

  • Discover the role of emotional intelligence in patient care, team dynamics, and personal well-being.

  • Embrace evolution in your professional identity and practice within the healthcare landscape.

  • Release unrealistic ideals of being “happy” all the time to focus on how fulfilling the work is.

  • Embrace fulfillment as the key to resilience in a demanding work environment.

Own It:

  • Overcome the trap of comparing your journey to others and focus on your unique path in healthcare.

  • Shed limiting beliefs that hinder your growth and embrace a mindset of abundance and possibility.

  • Identify and nurture your core motivations in healthcare, eliminating guilt and self-doubt.

Live It: 

  • Employ self-assessment tools to realize your full potential and commit to your professional and personal growth.

  • Develop a personal roadmap highlighting your strengths and areas for development, tailored to healthcare challenges.

  • Learn to navigate fear and uncertainty in healthcare, turning them into stepping stones for innovation and leadership.

  • Set your sights on achieving some big personal goals that will continue to fuel your success at work.

Meet Tara Renze

Tara Renze is an author, keynote speaker, emotional intelligence & positive intelligence practitioner, podcaster, thought leader, wife, and mother and is redefining how we unleash purpose, level up our success, and create sustainable happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.


After two decades of success in corporate leadership and social selling, she started writing and keynote speaking to empower others to "be who they came to be" and create, own, and live the life they desire, envision, and deserve. Tara has a true passion and talent for guiding others to harness and realize their full potential. 


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