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Mommy + Me Book Bundle
  • Mommy + Me Book Bundle

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    This Mommy + Me Bundle includes  Bee Who You Came to Bee Children's Book and Be Who You Came To Be.


    Each children's book comes with one sticker page and map. Have multiple children to gift? Purchase additional sticker pages/maps HERE.


    Bee Who You Came To Bee

    Inspired by a note Tara's grandmother left for her newborn son, Mother-Daughter Duo Karen & Tara wrote this book to help children "be who they came to be". Karen has her Master's degree in early childhood education and Tara is a keynote speaker and published author.


    Be Who You Came To Be

    Far from an ordinary, fluffy, step-by-step “self-help” book. Tara Renze dishes up 39 simple, relatable, entertaining, curious, and real-life “secrets” to unlocking and unleashing the woman you came to be. It is rooted in the thoughtful words of her 87-year old grandmother: “Be who you came to be. Love will guide you.” First written as a blessing to Tara’s newborn son, these are the words that changed Tara’s life and shaped the secrets that will change your life too.

    • Book Details

      35-page hardback

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